Intro to the Outro!!

Isnt is strange what is happening to media and advertising? All around we can see the advent of new media channels and new oppotunities for companies/ brands to advertise thier wares. Its an incredibly exciting time for “the man in the street” to take advanatge of cheap effective advertsing. Speaking of the man in the street, the buck is well and truly passing over to him/ them. The web has broken every boundary known to man. But this is nothing new to you!

But its news to lots of people – especially advertsing agencies – one of the biggest bunch of dinosaurs. Thier need to cling to the 30″ spot and have the best, award winning creatives will be thier demise.

Anyway, im making it my job to pass on cool and different advertising info on to you. With all the meduims and new stuff happening its impossible to keep track, but im going to help, as much for my own sake as yours.


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