Media stats from the U.S.A

Im a huge believer that things that happen in the 1st world filter down here to SA (albeit on a smaller scale) That’s why it makes sense to me to constantly check whats happening over there.

This interesting report from the Long Tail blog shows some interesting stats. on what is happening re their media situation.

Some highlights that I found interesting are:

TV: network TV had its lowest ratings week ever in July.

Internet advertising: is on pace to grow by 21% this year. Google’s revenues grew by 77% in the most recent quarter.

To me this is another example of money being deferred to the web from traditional media (basically what im writing about on this blog)

Basically this means that more and more ad spend is going to go the way of web, a trend that is slowly taking off here in SA (I say slowly because Ad agencies here are about as proactive as priest in a whorehouse) but thats just my opinion!


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