Office 2.0

Ok so im slowly getting the hang of this blogging thing. I guess the trick to it is to update update update – to be stale is to fail (god thats bad).

Anyway im expanding the focus of this blog to also look at the way work and working in general is changing in this increasingly connected world.

A nice example of this is this site – its started by the same guy who wrote for Business 2.0 ( a fine American publication that is actually difficult to get here in sunny SA)

Anyway, this site coupled with Ricardo Semlers 7 Day Weekend really gives one food for thought. I guess another reason this is interesting to me is that more and more i am seeing the benefits of NOT being stuck in an office. Theres a huge world out there and most of the time its difficult to be motivated when you feel “trapped”. Perhaps this is a good way to alleviate the 9-5 drag most people feel?

I guess what im trying to day is that employers need to trust and release and not horde employees. Its an interesting theory, but really requires a boss who is forward thinking and willing to take this sort of plunge (especially in a traditional office environment)But with Skype, 3g card, email, IM, new web collaboration tools etc the only barrier is education (or reverse education – employees educating and motivating to employers why this is necessary!)

Anyway i look forward to mass adoption of this philosophy and long for the day when i can be a “Web Worker”


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