Not music to my ears!

Pick n Pay, a gigantic supermarket chain here in South Africa has recently launched a music download site.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of companies who diversify and embrace the web for all it can be, and Pick n Pay have done this brilliantly. But looking at this site, it proves how far behind we can be in South Africa (for which there is NO excuse). Its like the sites designers never looked at iTunes or even Burnlounge (or any new website for that matter )

The site has lousy navigation and looks really old school. Its also really expensive. For example I looked at Coldplays “Rush of Blood to the head” The cost to download is marginally more that it is to buy from the store!! Shouldn’t it be cheaper? (no store markups, packaging costs etc etc)

Anyway nice try but no cigar guys.


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