Has the bubble burst?

A recent poll on GigaOM is asking people to voteon wether they think a poor performance in the financial department by on-line giants Yahoo! is a reflection that the on-line advertising boom is over.

In short – NO the boom is not over, the bubble has not burst etc. Online advertising is only in its infancy and has years to grow. Only a fool would think that it is over. (sorry if im blunt but I have strong feelings about this)

I think that Yahoo! is over extended – they have no core focus like a Google or even Ask Jeeves – they’re just trying to get money in any way possible. Also the CEO has probably been skiiming from the funds and buying a fleet of custom made purple Ferarri’s 🙂

Ill report back with the answer.


  • Yup, the party is over (16%)
  • No, this is just a temporary blip (23%)
  • There is a bigger economic crisis in the making (23%)
  • No, this is a Yahoo specific problem (38%)

Total votes cast: 973


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