Ad industry fights back

Well kind of – this is an interesting link from News Vine. Apparently Fox in US of A is trying to combat the curent PVR/ Tivo/DVR trend that enables viewers to skip over ads by designing an ad that is simply a branded image for 30″ – this way when people fast forward they’ll still get the message (or so they hope)

This is intresting because it flies in the face of everything that the modern ad agency “believes” in i.e. big, flashy expensive commercials that cost a fortune but do nothing for the product (thats not what they tell the client though). Its almost like they’re being reduced to the simplest form of communication in order to survive.

First it was the music industry, then the movie industry and now it looks like the ad industry is set to get their asses kicked by new communication and the new “digital revolution: – Embrace or die people!!


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