Seth Speaks

I like Seth Godin and heres why. Seth is basically preaching what this blog tries to be about. Hes saying that the old way of doing things is not working anymore. Hes telling people about the power of marketing and how it should be used correctly. By doing this you will get results. Hes also all about taking risks and not playing it safe.

Seth is all about cutting through the clutter and sending the right message to the right people (no more 30″ ads that simply have  a “shotgun” effect)

Anyway I came across this cool video of him talking to Google and basically saying “you’ve done well up to now, but you gotta keep doing it right or else you’ll get left behind” Quite a ballsy thing to say to Google so check it out -its rather good (its 40+ mins long so you can waste some nice time at work and actually learn something. Its also a few months old, but still very relevant)

 (Im linking to it because I cant get the embedding to work)


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