Nissan driving to new media

A very interesting post from the NY Times. It seems that Nissan in the States are launching a massive new car launch campaign using blogs, webisodes, Myspace and TIVO.

In a quote from the article, “The Nissan campaign is emblematic of the growing efforts by marketers to remake their media choices to reflect the changing behavior of younger consumers, a prized demographic group because they spend freely and are mostly still figuring out their brand preferences.”

I think this is a great new way to reach the target audience. Lets face it – the younger target market is watching less and less television and spending more time on the web (the same applies to her in SA) and its time that advertisers and companies started using the web to target an audience who want to be targeted as opposed to interrupted.

Nissan are using some traditional media, but how long until we see he day where no traditional media is used at all?


One thought on “Nissan driving to new media

  1. I agree 100%. I wrote about our (BMW) experience with regards to Youtube.

    Our biggest issue is targeting South African audiences which is a real challenge due to the ubiquitous nature of the web.
    Also, although bandwidth is slowly improving here, can more mass market brands really expect their consumers to be able to recieve, view, and interact with rich media such as Nissan’s 7 days?

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