Microsoft feels the brunt of being slow

Rupert Murdoch said that “in the future it wont be big versus small, it will be fast versus slow” How true. Microsoft is both big and very slow to implement innovation within.

Have a look at this article from Wired magazine   – its essentially about one of the biggest and one of the richest companies on the world realising that it cant continue doing what its been doing for the last billion years (when was Windows 3 released anyway?) There are quicker and more nimble competitors out there and they move, shake and innovate on dime.One guy in the article who works at Microsoft says it takes about 2 years to intro a new idea!! They may as well not even bother because by then its way too late and the competition has done it and is already on the newest version.

Make no mistake, this is by no means the end of Microsoft – not by a long-shot ($35 Billion in the bank) but its not impossible for a massive giant to implode and dissapear (Enron anyone?). Watch this space.


2 thoughts on “Microsoft feels the brunt of being slow

  1. Hi Mike, nice meeting you, as it turns out I have had your feed for some time now – at least I can put a face to the text ;-).

    I totally agree, the guys that are doing well are the organisations that embrace co-operation, open source type business, organisations who can change quickly because they keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive, like Seth said; small is the new big.

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