Reebok – is what they is?!?

It seems Reebok have a new ad out promoting a type of citizen marketing  on SA television- their take is using citizens do their marketing (along with Thierry Henry)

Their whole theme seems to be reality based and using the “man in the street” to get their message of edge, street hip and uniqueness across. They are taking it one step further by allowing the entrants to link their MySpace profiles and create a type of Reebok community.(RBK to those in the know) Theyve even ponied up on some funky Myspace embedded links.
Now im sorry if im constantly cynical toward SA marketers trying to do something different, but i dont feel this all ties up.

First of all, the site (mainly the menu system) looks as if they forgot to design for Firefox 2 (fatal error if youre trying to attract the web savvy) Second of all, they’re trying to make it as if the film clips have been submitted by the entrants, but the editing, audio and look and feel is far too slick for Jo Soap – it smacks of ad agency (trust me, im in the production game). This immediately tells me someone is trying to sell me something. Thirdly, im not too sure what they are actually trying to do here!! Do they want a group of real people doing real things with Reebok? Or are they trying to market to people by not marketing?

Nice try RBK – but slighlty confused here. Oh and if youre monitoring the blogsphere, hopefully someone will read this and respond??


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