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I stumbled on this rather odd blog on the new Samsung D900 The reason i say odd is that its called “Sams World” and appears to be written by a guy/ gal called Sam. Sam seems to be smitten with the D900 and it looks like he/she has made it their mission to blog about every aspect of the phone.

When I look at the main site, theres no mention of Sam at all. Now maybe im making a bit too much of this, but once again its confusing. Is Sam a) a customer evangelist, or b) a team of copywriters (my feeling its option b)
On the other hand its a good site with loads of info written in a friendly manner. I just wish they would rather have given 5 normal people the phone and asked them to blog about it – but i guess this could lead to the dreaded “BAD REVIEW” and make Samsung look bad. In my opinion they look worse by not allowing bad reviews and almost censoring thier communication – not very cool.

Ok i get it now – Samsworld – Sam Sung – Samsung. Very clever guys. Guess that puts rest to my option b theory above


6 thoughts on “Samsung D900 SA Blog

  1. They’re wasting their time with that blog. There’s nothing really engaging about it. I think it would have been far more interesting if they’d had full disclosure of who was behind it and what their motivation was.

    How did you find this blog Mike?

  2. I was delighted by your response to my blog Mike. It made me realise that there is nothing about Sam’s World that reveals whether I’m a woman or a man. The fact that you suggested that I may even be a team of copywriters had me beaming with pride. You seemed to get the fact that the blog was about a mobile phone and not about a person. You took the blog at face value and you were spot on.

    I apologise for giving you the impression that your comments were not welcome. I often write things like “tap it out in the comment box below” and “address any other questions through blog comments,” so the fact that you felt this way came as a bit of a surprise. Anyway, I’ve scrapped the comment registration process. All that’s required to leave a comment on Sam’s World is a name and an email address.

    I’d love to get a couple of conversations going and I’d love it if you would toss in some media-related ideas. I don’t consider bad reviews and criticisms to be “dreaded” and I’ve never censored anybody’s opinion. Like all blogs with a thread of integrity, you can say anything related to the post at hand.

    I’d like to think that the style of Sam’s World is too subtle to be evangelical and too ironic to pull one over on readers. Your post has nevertheless given me food for thought for which I am grateful. Give the phone to five people and get them to blog about it? Who knows? Blogs are organic things and I hope you’ll keep watching to see how mine grows.

  3. Hi “Sam” thanks for the reply.

    Although it still leaves me none the wiser as to Who/ What you are?

    My only concern is that it seems you’re being a bit dishonest by not being anybody and pretending to write as a phone. Dont get me wrong, I think the site is a great idea – i wish my Sony Ericsson W900i had a site like this. My only issue is that youre hiding for some reason. Why not just say “Written by the Samsung marketing dept – Sams World will help you get the best out of your phone”
    Then each entry can be written by a person etc. and a we can see some faces behind the names. Also why not ask people for their D900 experiences – get a dialogue going with your consumers. The blog feels to “one way” and as we all know that isnt really the idea of a blog – its about communication.

    Thanks again for the comment

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