Seems advertisers are going to new lengths to reach consumers.
Ad placement at urinals are nothing new. Essentially its a captive audience member as there isnt much else to do when doing your business at a urinal but stare straight ahead.

Nice idea but not it seems these particular advertisers are taking it a step further by actually having the sign talk to you. Seems there are sensors in the frame of the sign that can tell if someone is standing there or not. If it senses motion, the sign launches into a brief monologue about the advertised product.

Once again a nice idea. Only problem is that its so novel you dont actually pay attention to what the sign its saying. I was too busy trying to pee while looking around to see if others where looking and examining the sign to see how it works!

If you’re in the JHB area you can see/ hear the sign at the last urinal @ Fourways Mall in the cinema complex.


One thought on “BogVertising?

  1. Jaco Meiring says:

    Good post Mike, ja don’t know if I can concentrate on the work at hand with some disengaged voice trying to sell me something. Are we coming to a stage when someone will be trying to sell you some air freshner when you come out of the stall, or ask you to try their new liquid soap after a good sit down – how public are public toilets going to get 😉

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