Search with live help

Ok so I heard about Cha which apparently offers LIVE SEARCH HELP. Yup thats right. You can choose to either search using the web or using a live search agent.

I went to the site thinking that this would be a load of crap – the chat wouldnt work, no one would be on the other end etc etc.But boy was i wrong!!

 I was greeted by the lovely maryw who assisted me with my search for a USB 3g modem for my Mac – a bit if test i must admit. Lo and behold she came back with 6 strong links (in about a minute – not quick but accurate) None where for South Africa, but i didnt exactly specify that.

Only problem is when i went back a few minutes later to look for something else, all the agents were busy and i wasnt prepared to wait. Who are these people and is this all they do?

Cha Cha flies in the face of search algorithms etc etc and is almost anti Google and anti web by using people instead of computers. Its great and good fun but i dont suggest you use it to find your closest S & M shop – maybe save that for Google.


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