Getting Internet in SA

This is an interesting task that im sure others will attest to. It really isnt as easy as it should be.I have a few issues in this regard which forced me to evaluate all my options.

Issue 1: I rent a place so im to going to bother putting in ADSL -which will probably only come in 9 months from ordering = TELKOM YOU SUCK!!

Issue 2: Im on a Mac so this means no 3g card from Vodacom as i have no PCI slot. Iburst is too pricey and Sentech is just plain lousy.

Issue 3: No open wireless connections here so i cant “jump on one” (not that I would cos thats bad – ahem)

Interim Solution: The Huawei E220 data modem – finally released by Vodacom. This USB beauty is HSDPA enabled and f**ing quick.

A few words of wisdom if youre considering one:

1) Buy one if you can. Its costs about R2 800 but if you do can use Virgin (Edge) MTN (3g) or Vodacom (3g/ HSDPA) Data is still waaay overpriced but you can use Virgin and get and edge connection for 50c per mb.

2) If you want to use it on Vodacom – dont bother visiting the Vodacom site unless you have a PPC Mac. Rather visit the Vodafone UK site and get that software for Intel

Guess it will have to do until Wimax gets here “sigh” (if it ever does)


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