Exclusive Books annoys me

Its not just Exclusive Books, its most book stores. Guess im just not into browsing. But now im convinced why I don’t like them.


This is a picture of their “internet and e- business section” in the Sandton store. It’s packed – with audiotapes from Dale Carnegie and Jon Maxwell for 4 rows, with 5 measly Internet books making up the last row – WTF! What do Jon and Dale have to do with Ajax, Blogging and E strategies? Im not knocking these tapes, Im sure they serve their purpose in the motivation section – not in the e bus section

Exclusive Books wake up please – do you know Internet is the most important business tool around and people need to read books about it? Sorry guys, but im buying online next time.


2 thoughts on “Exclusive Books annoys me

  1. Physically browsing a book store? Apart from watching my girlriend browsing and taking snapshots with my cameraphone of books I’d like to read about or purchase online I do not ask for assistance or try searching for books in a book store.

    Typing and clicking compared to asking, walking, searching, waiting for assistance. You do the Math.

    My book wishlist is now a folder of pictures taken in book stores of books I’d like to read.

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