Video Store Bore

Scoble over at Scobleizer blogged about a Netflix killer he saw at CES. Essentially its a peer to peer download app for hi def vids. So now if youre in the States you can pretty much download the equivalent of HD DVD’s straight to your home.

Now hearing this makes me bemoan our web situation in sunny SA. Not only dont we have a Netflix type company (at least not in JHB ) who can deliver vids and then take em away when youre done, our web could never facilitate this type of downloading (it could if you had a few many hours to spare and bandwidth to waste).So this means we have to lug ourselves over to video shops, stare at the measly selection thats already been pillaged by folks who had the foresight to get thier early, choose something, fork over like 30 bucks and traipse home – only to get kakked on when its late. AAARRGH the humanity.

I guess we will just have to wait untill someone finds and alternative to suit the SA market (I would try but I got other things on my plate – read: i have no clue)

By the way are they still called Video Stores? I havent even seen a VHS video in like 2 years!


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