Apple – the best marketing company in the world!

Its official – not only do Apple make some the hippest tech products around, but theyre also hands down, the best marketing company in the world.

Just look at the iPhone – its featured on every blog around (not just tech blogs mind you), most major newscasts and even the Sunday papers- and you know what it cost them for this exposure? zero, zilch, nada. It was so widely covered that a girl in my office who can barely turn on her computer, sent me a link to the site and told me to check it out (2 days after I found out about I might add but anyway). Most companies would murder for a fraction of the exposure the iPhone got.

See Apple (or Mr Jobs) has mastered that art of being so hip and progressive and making such cutting edge products, that people spend months speculating about their newest gadget or computer, only to wet themselves when it actually comes out. Apple are also masters at playing up to this and holding the public captive by being incredibly tight lipped over new launches allowing speculation to reach fever pitch.

Apple is so cutting edge (you can tell im a fan) that the iPhone they actually released was 10 times better that any mock up or mash-up I saw floating around the web. The bottom line is that Apple made a better product than the entire web-sphere could!!

It just shows that Seth was right – spend money making your product amazing and the marketing will take care of itself! Apple, it would appear are pastmasters at this.

Now the next step is to wether the iPhone actually lives up to its hype but i have no doubt it will.


5 thoughts on “Apple – the best marketing company in the world!

  1. Hmmm… interesting! And come to think of it, when last did you see Microsoft get this kind of exposure in the blogosphere? Even with Vista, there wasn’t such a hype as there was with the iPhone.

    O, BTW, you don’t need to worry about upgrading WordPress as per my blog. You only need to upgrade if you host your own WordPress blog, but you are safe.

  2. Hi Carls – thanks for the comment. Yup I have the read the book. Its a fantastic story but it is unauthorized so you’re not sure exactly how much of the nitty gritty is 100% true. Stevie J sounds like a monster to work for though!!

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