Zune Evangelism?

Yup it really exists. Or does it? This lovely blog called ..wait for it.. Zunerama claims to be the definitive guide for all things Zune – I was also shocked to see that it was more that 1 page long.

Anyway this blog smacks of corporate backer (like er Microsoft) The blog claims to be receiving updated from Microsoft itself with comments like “We were alerted to this by an email from Microsoft – which at first aroused our suspicions because the links in the email went to a non-Microsoft site”, as well as having inside info about a couple of other things like knowing the Zune’s 3 year plan (believe it or not it doesn’t involve curling up and dying!)

The site also doesnt really ahve anything bad to say about the Zune – hmmm.

Anyway maybe in wrong but something doesnt fit. Have a look and see for yourself?


2 thoughts on “Zune Evangelism?

  1. I find it kind of strange that Microsoft and their affiliated products get so little viral marketing going… If you look at Apple, when they bring out a new product (I’m refering to the iPhone) EVERYBODY is talking and raving about it! When MS do something similar, they get a lot less raves and much more rants…

    Could this be a flaw in their marketing strategy?

  2. Hi Stii

    I think it boils down to their image and their products. Now im slightly biased here, but Apple have a cool, hip image and release great products that just work.They are also a trend setter.

    Microsoft on the other hand seem like a bloated mega corporation who impose their products on people and hardly trend setters, more like fast followers. People are forced to use their products. Monopolies typically feel they don’t have to innovate until its too late!!

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