Go Goal!!!


GTS or Goal Technology Solutions are an SA company to watch out for. Their mission is take Telkom head on and offer cheaper internet.

According to the site, the technology will supply broadband feeds over power lines i.e. “Broadband over power line technology”

With really cheap initial rates (around R400 for 5 gigs incl ISP costs) this company looks set to boom. And just in time. Telkom continue to screw people over with expensive internet access, terrible service etc etc. With Goal, apparently (from what i could make out) there will be no more DSL lines – just a modem that plugs into a power socket – WOW -I cant wait.

They have just finished testing so implementation will begin around March and roll out from there. Good Luck to them. Ive already signed up!!

On another note- the Goal site could really use a blog – talk to the people – get them to talk for you! Harness the power of the Blogsphere. Ah well!!


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