Kellogg Dissapointment

Im sometimes shocked when big multinationals act like dont care about their consumers. I still like to believe that they have embraced consumerism and react with swift effectiveness when unhappy buyers raise complaints.

Then I guess I wake up and realise that they actually dont care.Take Kellogg for example. The other day I bought some Fruit Loops that’s tasted and looked terrible – they were literally inedible.So I fire off an email to the consumer department entitled “Unhappy Customer” to see what they would do about it. You’d think that that would peak their attention? Then I wait for 2 days. No response. So I fire off another one entitled “Even unhappier customer” and im still waiting for a response – something – anything, but they dont care.

Why even have a consumer helpline if you aren’t going to react to it? And no, im not going to phone you, you must come to me – I have been disserviced by you, not the other way round. Surely these companies must realise that you have to bow you your customer, other they will leave? And leave I have. I am vowing to stay away from Kellogg products until someone gets back to me. And you can bet ill tell everyone.Im not asking for a million bucks in compensation – I just want a new box of cereal – is that too much to ask?Shame on you Kellogg!!

UPDATE:Font seems to be weird on this post – not sure why – sorry!

UPDATE 2: Still no reposnse – I found this brilliant article on Customer Service on Seth Godins Blog. Im going to email a copy to Kellogg!!


2 thoughts on “Kellogg Dissapointment

  1. Ha Ha thanks Robert – don’t knock the loops, they’re a great source of fibre and all that other BS! not that ill be eating them any more after this experience so maybe ill try Crunchy Nuts!

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