Playstation 3??

images.jpgOk so PS3 is supposed to be launched in South Africa this month, but I havent heard a peep for the Sony boys! No web advertising, above or below the line, street pole advertising, nothing!(unless ive missed it all which is odd because im technically their target market) All I found is this lousy site.

I think Sony (or Ster Kinkeor, the local distributors) have missed a massive marketing opportunity! My feeling is they think the console will sell itself so they can just launch and it will sell!! Well maybe 5 years ago, but not today with hefty console competition.

Figures from the Register report “Certainly, the PS3 has failed to sell in the volumes other consoles have. In the US in January, 244,000 PS3s were sold to 294,000 Xbox 360s and 436,000 Wiis.”

It just shows the damage that can occur when a brand becomes complacent as they probably truly believe they have no competition. Im a serious PS fan, but im seriously thinking of getting an Xbox instead!

UPDATE: Still no news on Sony, but it seems someone in the States isn’t too happy with the PS3 Either. Check this You Tube vid – its bloody well done!


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