SA’s own Onion?

I stumbled across Kung News after hearing an ad for the site on radio. I dont normally pay any attention to radio ads but something made me check out the site maybe because it had a interesting call to action.

Anyway its sort of like a South African Onion News, but is no where near as good (hey the Onions has been around forever so its not really their fault). If you dont know the Onion – its sort of like a mock news site with brilliant and funny mock news stories. Anyway Kung News seems like it can grow into something good because its something different and seems to be mocking SA politicians which I love.

I also like how they have integrate mobile into the site to derive some revenue. Not sure about the content but ill be checking it out soon!

It seems to be run by a group called Virus Media – anyone know them?


2 thoughts on “SA’s own Onion?

  1. Hi Mike.

    Virus Media is the content creation company run by John Vlismas and Duncan Harling. Their best work is Joe Ma Se News – a completely off-colour, politically incorrect and ballsy satirical audio newscast, released on Tuesdays and Fridays. There are links on the KungNews site.

    You can get it sent to your mobile phone for R2.50 per episode. Money well spent.

    Remember – if you are easily offended, beware….

    Disclosure – I’ve worked with them.

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