Free your Employees!

Christof Appel recently wrote an interesting post about how companies need to engage with their staff on a different level in order to keep their services. In this cut throat modern world its going to be more and more difficult to keep young, hungry talented staff. The threat of losing ones job isn’t as scary as it used to be – entrepreneurship is on the rise. I’ve always had an issue with companies that use fear and bully tactics to keep their staff. This is not going to work in the long run as people will leave.

Similarly, this report on Netflix focuses on how they treat their staff – bloody well I might add. Another leader in this space is Ricardo Semler at Semco. His revolutionary tactics have been called Industrial Democracy and looks to be a great way for employees and staff to engage. He’s also written 2 brilliant books Maverick and The 7 day weekend in which he has documented his company and how Industrial Democracy works within it.

All in all in this age of “Jumping the Shark” and the Web Worker, its going to be more and more vital for employees to do something different to engage their staff and to treat them like adults and not children.


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