The Movie industry is odd

The movie industry confuses me! Here why. About a month ago I was invited to what they call a junket where the newest releases for the year are shown. Nothing odd there.

However we did have to hand in our cellphones as we were going to be shown “top secret” footage!!

Now there seemed to be much paranoia and fear about showing this footage and having someone copy it on a poor quality device that probably couldn’t even see the screen in focus from the back of the cinema! Anyway this footage turned out to be a 9 minute preview of the new Pixar animated film called Ratatouille. Thrilling stuff i assure you!

Anyway i now see that Pixar have released the very same 9 mins of footage on the web via Apple trailers! 

So my question is this – why all the fuss? Let people leak 9 mins of footage – hell it made me want to see the film. Why are these people so paranoid about 9 minutes of footage being leaked? It time for them to embrace the web as medium? Hell people arent going to cinema anyways – isnt it time to find new ways of advertising movies? But what do i know 🙂


One thought on “The Movie industry is odd

  1. Maybe that’s the plan reverse psychology, although it does make me think of the quote I saw recently “If you think your plan is foolproof you have seriously underestimated the ingenuity of fools” 🙂

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