The SA Ad industry SERIOUSLY confuses me

I really don’t want this blog to become a huge rant about industries that cant see the future even when its beating them in the face, but this is just too much!

Last night I went to an AMASA presentation that promised to highlight the much touted “Death of the 30″ commercial” debate due to PVR.

Now this is the first AMASA presentation i have ever bothered to attend, and i was rubbing my hands in glee with advent of seeing high flying as execs bemoaning the death of their beloved 30″

Anyway, its turns out that the speaker has proven through his research, that “PVR is a positive development for television advertising noting levels. He argues that fast-forwarding on a PVR to avoid advertising, will mean more attention to advertising, compared to a lower viewer involvement that normal television advertising commands” Hes basically saying that people are forced to watch the ads being fast forwarded because they have to see when the show is starting.

The bottom line of his speech was – (in my words) Don’t worry ad people – PVR wont hurt the 30″ ad and everything will be fine! Keep up the good work (someone actually shouted out “long live the 30″ ad” – like this was a political rally – WTF? )

The researcher, Erik Du Plessis (a chap in his late 50’s) also managed to pass over the rise internet and mobile marketing as mediums and dismissed them with the wave if his hand (he doesn’t understand them therefore there’s no possible way in hell any one else will!!- what utter crap)

Im basically dumbfounded. Sure maybe the PVR wont kill the 30″, but a lot of other stuff will and these people don’t even realise it.  When, oh when will this industry wake up?!?!?


4 thoughts on “The SA Ad industry SERIOUSLY confuses me

  1. CJ says:

    Nice blog … bit shocked to hear how backward these chaps are. Guess it will take a few more years for them to realise that the Internet boom is not still coming, it has already begun :-), TV is in for a rough ride over the next few yeas IMO.

  2. erikdup says:

    Hi Mike,
    Must have been a very fast talk if you thought I did it.
    I have never talked at an AMASA conference, and not been in USA for a while.

    However, your take out is reasonably correct, except for the bit about me dismissing the internet boom with a wave of my hand – I am not that senile yet.

    Erik du Plessis.

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