The TV Killer?

I signed up to check out Joost, the new internet tv streaming programme from the heavyweight founders of Kazaa and Skype.

Essentially, Joost is being touted as tv on your internet and boy is it good. They’ve worked hard on their streaming capabilities and they are pretty much the best ive seen. I was watching on a 3g datacard with true speed of 1.8mbps and it looked great. I can only image what a 4gig fixed line would deliver. ( or even higher speed like they have overseas)

Unfortunately there isnt much to watch at the moment, but im sure as they get going, more and more networks will jump on board. Joost is ad sponsored and free to the end consumers (as long as they look at a few ads)  I was exposed to a Nike ad for a product that you cant get here, so theres a bit of
wastage there. I also saw it twice and was a bit annoyed, but im sure they will fix that going forward.

I only hope they dont block shows by region i.e. only show Lost in the US etc.

In short, if all web tv looks this good, I seriously see trouble in TV’s future.

Click here to get an invite to sign up for the beta.


One thought on “The TV Killer?

  1. Pedro says:

    I’ve been trying it during the last days on a 1 Mbps line and it had a lot of lag.

    Couldn’t watch a single video without an interruption.

    I think it is quite promising, but it still needs some more optimization.

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