Batman Marketing

I’m always on the look for new marketing techniques that break the mould, and this one from Warner Brothers does just that.

WB has launched a viral campaign for the new Batman movie due out next year ( i cant wait to see it)

Seems they launched a site with nothing but a pic of the new bat logo. When you click on the logo, you are then redirected to another site called I believe in Harvey Dent. This site features an election banner for Harvey Dent. Nothing special here, but then it gets interesting.

That site goes to another site with the same poster but its been defaced by you know who (the Joker if you dont know who) However one can (or could) interact with the site and by giving an email address, get co ordinates of a pixel to remove.

Once all the pixels were removed, it revealed a pic of Heath Ledgers Joker. Very cool. Now WB have got a huge database to keep contacting and drum up even more hype about the flick!!!

See all the pics here


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