IPhone Blues

Yup – i got the Iphone blues baaaadd!! Why? – because i cant have one that’s why. I have to settle for looking at pics of smiling Americans getting their grubby paws on it.

You see im an Apple nut and the fact that I have to wait an undetermined amount of time to get my hands on the hottest gadget of the decade just kills me. Maybe its a blessing in disguise because when  they (eventually) land here, they will probably have 3G, MMS and be able to record video.

Still that scant consolation to me! Damn you Apple, why couldn’t you just sell and unlocked phone instead of wanting a slice of the call revenue pie. Or is it Steve Jobs cunning plan to extend revenues in a rapidly approaching iPod saturated market.

That begs the question for SA and other countries: Will Apple do the same as the USA and partner with a carrier? or will they settle for selling crap loads and making a fortune on the actual units? I guess time (how much we don’t know) will tell!


2 thoughts on “IPhone Blues

  1. I feel exactly the same! I want one and I want it NOW!

    The issue with partnering with a carrier is a biggie though… Vodaphone is not cheap. Hell it is not even affordable! Not that that is an issue around Apple’s philosophy, but Vodaphone also sucks in a bad way! So if they do team up with someone, please, PLEASE don’t let it be Vodaphone…

    I previously had a phone tied into Vodaphone and you might as well not have a fancy phone! You cannot install your own choice of apps, you have to take what Vodaphone gives.

  2. Too true Stii. But at the end of the day i dont care who gets it! I just have to have one. God Apple are good at creating demand arent they? I mean its a phone with a music player and the internet. My Sony Ericsson W900i has all that but id give it away plus my kidney for an iphone!!

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