Brilliant movie marketing!!

Sure the title it a tad over the top, but this is truly sensational in my book. Its an upcoming movie called “Cloverfield” or “01-18-08” – both of these are used because the studio hasn’t told anyone what the name is!

Talk about creating hype. The trailer played in US cinemas just before Transformers and created a huge stir – mainly because it doesn’t say a thing about the movie, i.e. what its about, or even what its name is! Totally different for Hollywood who normally spends millions on getting the name and synopsis to the public.

The trailer starts of at a party and is filmed on a “shaky handycam” ala Blair Witch.We then see a power cut and hear an ungodly roar. The party goers run upstairs  to see a huge fireball engulf part of the city. They the run downstairs to the street only to hear the roar again and see the head of the Statue of Liberty smash to the ground! Wow.

Further searching also reveals a website with 3 time stamped pics, and this site as well

It seems to be a fantastic marketing ploy that is working wonders – I personally cant wait to see what the next tidbit is! plus ill definitely see the film – lets just hope it lives up to the hype.


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