Boring Facebook

Is it just me or does Facebook get pretty boring after a while?See ive made contact with a crap load of people i haven’t seen in years. I’ve chatted to most of them. Some ive just collected as friends (you’ve done it to)

I’ve added a few applications and ignored most others. I’ve been bitten by zombies and vampires, sent drinks, had sheep thrown at me and been asked a ton of stupid questions. I’ve been told about moods, been offered food and been sent random gifts. All of this leaves me wondering – what’s next?

Dont get me wrong, Facebook is a great networking site, but after you’ve done all this stuff, Facebook actually becomes pretty boring. Especially for me as i couldn’t be bothered to keep up a conversation with someone i haven’t seen for 12 years.Sure ill say hi but that’s pretty much were it ends.

So where is Facebook going? Sure its probably one of the most popular sites on the web right now, but will it last? Ill guess well have to wait and see.


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