Im Mike – im just a random guy in a random office in JHB, South Africa.

New Media is becoming a dominant force so im keen on tracking its path and commenting on the landscape changes!! Ill also mention anything else that sparks my interest.

Im also keen to see the dinosaurs (you know who you are) relinquish their dominance to the people and thus Web 2.0 makes a lot of sense.

Behemoths beware – the times they are a changin’ (thanks bob)
Drop me a line: mikegsolomon at gmail dooooot commmm


2 thoughts on “About

  1. harry says:

    hi! the name is harry. i am a graphic designer in jhb. i have been waiting for apple to launch the i phone in sa, its now dawned on me that it might not happen soon. do you have any info on the progress? how and from whom can i buy an unlocked iphone? thank you.

  2. Hi Mike

    Would like to chat to you about your iPhone. Mine will be here on Sunday and has Firmware 1.1.4 – I’m obviously going to crack it, but wanted to ask you a few questions. Email me… apple (at) mweb.co.za

    no the address is not for sale..

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